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Thursday, April 17, 2008

#45 , QUESTIONS 441 TO 450, Boy friends

Boy friends are both a source of bliss and misery. Initially they may be extremely accommodative and later turn out to be promiscuous. To get an ex boy friend back is becoming a preoccupation of many-a-woman, now-a-days. A true lover should never abandon his beloved. If he choses to be fickle and merciless, it will be better to throw him in a dust-bin, after salvaging whatever remedies and redressals could be obtained through legal proceedings.

Today's multiple choice question test deals with vocabulary associated with boyfriends.

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441. She watched his retreating figure with eyes that grew slowly misty;
he had been such a jolly comely boy-friend, and they had had such
good times together. The mist deepened on her lashes as she looked round at the familiar rendezvous where they had so often kept tryst since the day when they had first come there together. [Saki in the novel 'The Unbearable Bassington'].

Comely = a)tall b)pleasing c)flamboyant d)curt.

442. There are persons in the world whose comradeship can still transmute the baser metal of commonplace scenes and experiences into the purest gold of romance for me. [John Burrows in 'My Boyhood'.]

Transmute = a)deface b)change form c)dumb d)chance stance

443. And I told him I had a crow to pick with HIM because he had the kind of brain that would be content to let a Jap beat him in his own school, in his own language and in his own country; so we made an engagement to
fight to a finish, and it ended by his becoming the only boy friend I have and the nicest boy friend a girl ever had, I am very sure. That's why I'm here. [Gene Stratton-Porter in 'Her father's daughter'.]

Crow to pick = a)to state and adjust a difference b) to fight out c)to scamper d) to scurry

444. I pondered Ann's fate, the cause of her sudden vanishing from the ken of her boy-friend; and presently I blamed myself for letting the past over-ride the present [Max Beerbohm in his 'Seven Men'.]

Ken = a) relationship b) narration c) memory d) view

445. "But I am interested in him dreadfully," she continued. "In a way
he is my protege. Then, too, he is my first boy friend - but not exactly friend; rather protege and friend combined. Sometimes, too, when he frightens me, it seems that he is a bulldog I have taken for a plaything, like some of the 'frat' girls, and he is tugging hard, and showing his teeth, and threatening to break loose." [Jack London in his 'Martin Eden'.]

Protege = a) mentor b) mentee c) peer d) preceptor

446. When a rascal boyfriend neglects to call, the girl friend has to find avenues to blow off her steam.

To blow off steam = a) to unnerve b) to satisfy her passion c) to show her love off d) to give vent to pent up emotion

447. Slurping noodles with a cute boy friend may be blissful. When the friend turns out to be promiscuous, real agony will start.

To slurp = a) eat/drink noisily b) eat/drink silently c) eat/drink in haste d) eat/drink slowly

448. A boyfriend who chucks out his dearest, to lead a monastic life is like a person who throws away gold and retains shells.

Chuck out = a) discord b) discard c) discern d) discept

449. Assaulting boy friends can be a source of great harrassment and agony.

To assault = a) attack b) rape c) attack and/or rape d) attack/rape/murder

450. Girl friends present homemade gifts to boy friends. They get distraught by the promiscuity of their boy friends after the initial euphoria. The gifts with the boys should torment them, if they have hearts.

Distraught = a) mad b) get distracted c) lose trust d) get distended

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