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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

#53 , QUESTIONS 521 TO 530

I have not conducted or attended any vocabulary workshop. I am not sure how language business houses conduct them. I visualise the following elements in such a workshop, apart from the customary pleasantries like inauguration, inviting a Chief Guest, inviting speakers etc.

1. Distribution of vocabulary lists.
2. Discussion of etymological roots, prefixes and suffixes.
3. Discussion of different sets of diction and phrases for different purposes such as business purposes, literary purposes, administrative purposes, legal purposes, etc.
4. Discussion of current trends in birth, growth, maturity, decline and death of words and phrases.
5. Some case studies involving semantic issues.
6. Inter-face with the Guests and faculty.

Conducting such vocabulary workshops on Net, and more so through blogs, I am not sure how the technique will work.

Pl. fill in the blanks with the appropriate phrases which fit to the context, noting answers on a piece of paper. If you consider it necessary, you can compare answers with the key, clicking: Click.

1. Carnival of love
2. Chivalrous love
3. Love and hate
4. Love and money
5. Love is an appetite
6. Love is blind and jealous
7. Love loving
8. Love-making
9. Love match
10.Love of food

521. Although my first marriage was a silly love _____ and a failure, I have always admitted to myself that I should marry again. A bachelor is a man who shirks responsibilities and duties; I seek them, and consider it my duty, with my monstrous superfluity of means, not to let the individualists outbreed me. [George Bernard Shaw in his 'Unsocial Socialist'].

522. I'll be whatever you wish me to be. I tell you I love you. I love ______ you. I don't want to be tired and sorry, as I should be if I were to be horrid. I don't want you to be tired and sorry. [In his play 'Overruled'].

523. This is a stuffy house. You seem to think of nothing
but making love. All the conversation here is about love-making. All
the pictures are about love_______. The eyes of all of you are
sheep's eyes. You are steeped in it, soaked in it: the very texts on
the walls of your bedrooms are the ones about love. It is disgusting.
It is not healthy. Your women are kept idle and dressed up for no
other purpose than to be made love to. I have not been here an hour;
and already everybody makes love to me as if because I am a woman it were my profession to be made love to [In his play 'Misalliance'].

524. "Yes," said Erskine, trembling, "and I thought he meant in earnest in loving you. You can hardly blame me for that: I was in love myself; and love is _________________. [In his play 'Unsocial Socialist'].

525. The celebrated Buffoon was a better Evolutionist than
either of them*; and two thousand years before Buffon was born, the Greek philosopher Empedocles opined that all forms of life are transformations of four elements, Fire, Air, Earth, and Water, effected by the two innate forces of attraction and repulsion, or love ________. [In his book 'Back to Methuselah']. *them here refers to Charles Darwin and A.R. Wallace.

526. Few people can number among their personal acquaintances a single atheist or a single Plymouth Brother. Unless a religious turn in ourselves has led us to seek the little Societies to which these rare birds belong, we pass our lives among people who, whatever creeds they may repeat, and in whatever temples they may avouch their respectability and wear their Sunday clothes, have robust consciences, and hunger and thirst, not for righteousness, but for rich feeding and comfort and social position and attractive mates and ease and pleasure and respect and consideration: in short, for love _________.['In his Preface to the Androcles and the Lion'].

527. You are a beautiful and luxurious creature: life is to you full and complete only when it is a ___________ love. My case is just the reverse [In his 'Unsocial Socialist'].

528. Oh, the tiger will love you. There is no love sincerer than the love _______. I think Ann loves you that way: she patted your cheek as if it were a nicely underdone chop. [In his 'Man and Superman'].

529. It would be far better for everyone, as well as far honester, if young people were taught that what they call love ______________ which, like all other appetites, is destroyed for the moment by its gratification; that no profession, promise, or proposal made under its influence should bind anybody; and that its great natural purpose so completely transcends the personal interests of any individual or even of any ten generations of individuals that it should be held to be an act of prostitution and even a sort of blasphemy to attempt to turn it to account by exacting a personal return for its gratification, whether by process of law or not. [In his booking 'Getting Married'].

530. I freed her from her bondage; I carried her across the globe; I watched her, housed her, fed her, clothed her as a princess. I loved her with a love that taught her a meaning of the word she had never known before. And when I had served her turn--when I had rescued her from her husband and placed her beyond his reach--when she became surfeited with a wealth of ___________love which she could not comprehend, and when a new world opened before her a fresh field for intrigue, I was assailed with slanderous lies, and forsaken. [In his 'The Irrational Knot'].

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