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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

#994 VICAR OF WAKEFIELD - 13 LETTER WORDS used by Oliver

The Novel, Vicar of Wakefield, by Oliver Goldsmith is a

masterpiece. It has some autobiographical elements also.

Here are some thirteen-letter-words, including plurals, used in

the novel.

The sentences of classic writers, tend to be too long and compound-complex, with a number of principal clauses and subordinate clauses. We may have to examine them in parts, sometimes.

I have resized the sentences to facilitate comprehension and

reading. I might have, in the process, disturbed the original

ideas. The Vicar of Wakefield is available free on the net.

Original sentences may be perused there, if interested in an

indepth-study. I am, only giving some pointers.

Fill up the blanks, selecting appropriate words from the Choice


Acquaintances , apprehensions , circumstances , commonwealths ,

communicating , concatenation , condescending , condescension ,

consciousness , consternation , contamination , conveniencies ,

countermanded , demonstration , disappointing , disparagement ,

distinguished , encouragement , entertainment , extraordinary ,

impossibility , incontestably , indispensably , inexpressible ,

insensibility , instantaneous , investigation , irretrievably ,

miscellaneous , mortification , neighbourhood , opportunities ,

philanthropic , philosophical , precipitately , remonstrances ,

singularities , understanding , unparallelled , unreproaching

MY REM: Among the 12-13 lws. The words 'apprehension' and

'circumstances' seem to be popular with Goldsmith. I am not

quoting all the sentences which have 'circumstances'.

QUESTION BOX: * Even the humblest

fortune may grant happiness, which depends not on ___ , but

constitution. ANSWER

*My eldest son, just upon leaving college, fixed his

affections upon the daughter of a neighbouring clergyman, who

was a dignitary in the church, and in ___ to give her a large

fortune. ANSWER

* Mortifications are often more painful than real

calamities Mr Burchell is found to be an enemy; for he has the

confidence to give ____ advice Fresh mortifications, or a

demonstration that seeming calamities may be real

blessings. ANSWER

* My second boy Moses, whom I designed for business,

received a sort of a _____ (miscellaneous /professional /

technical) education at home.


REM: The practice of parents designing the occupations for

children might have been in vogue during Goldsmith's times.

* ‘You cannot be ignorant, my children,’ cried I, ‘that

no prudence of ours could have prevented our late misfortune;

but prudence may do much in _____

(ameliorating/disappointing/soothening) its effects ANSWER

*’ As he was possest of integrity and honour, I was under

no ___ from throwing him naked into the amphitheatre of life;

for I knew he would act a good part whether vanquished or

victorious ANSWER

REM:Business and integrity-honor are antithetical to one

another. Many readers of the 21c. may not agree. Well, it is

difficult to prove this impression. Corporate giants plant

their agents in the Government and rule the countries by proxy.

Nobody, will therefore, have guts to investigate links between

businesses and dishonesty.

* The leaving a ____ in which we had enjoyed so many

hours of tranquility, was not without a tear, which scarce

fortitude itself could suppress.

REM:Livelihood-seekers today travel thousands of km. The

mode of travel has changed. We use aircrafts in the place of

horses. May not return for ever.

* We lightened the fatigues of the road with

philosophical disputes, which he seemed to understand

perfectly. ANSWER
REM:Nobody raises philosophical topics in 21c. Where is the

question of philosophical disputes? Even when religion is

discussed, the disputes are about earthly issues and not

philosophical issues.

* I allowed half an hour for this meal, and an hour for

dinner; which time was taken up in innocent mirth between my

wife and daughters, and in _____ arguments between my son and

REM:Parents discussing philosophical issues with sons!

Never in 21c. The whole time is spent before the idiot


* In all the foreign universities and convents, there are

upon certain days _____ theses maintained against every

adventitious disputant; for which, if the champion opposes with

any dexterity, he can claim a gratuity in money, a dinner, and a

bed, for one night ANSWER

REM: The harsh reality: Philosophical disputes also get

their resolution in material results. Didn't Marx say that all

human relations are pecuniary?

*’ ... at least he carried benevolence to an excess when

young; for his passions were then strong, and as they all were

upon the side of virtue, they led it up to a romantic extreme

_____ . ANSWER
REM:People of today see romantic extreme singularities only

in celebrities like film stars and sports persons.

Gram. hint: The words 'romantic' and 'extreme' are adj1 and adj2

to the noun 'singularity'. Romantic is not adverb.

* He early began to aim at the qualifications of the

soldier and scholar; was soon ___ in the army and had some

reputation among men of learning. ANSWER

* As they had almost all the ____ of life within

themselves, they seldom visited towns or cities in search of

superfluity ANSWER

* Nothing could exceed the neatness of my little

enclosures: the elms and hedge rows appearing with ____

beauty ANSWER

REM:There can be no better adjective than 'inexpressible'

for beauty. 'Beauty' is an abstract noun. It is skin-deep

according to Keats. Hence, it is apt to call beauty,

'inexpressible'. We can also add adjectives like

'immeasurable'. We can add an adj. like 'unimaginable', but the

thoughts about beauty, may sometimes be, figments of imagination


*...The ____ of self existences, proceeding in a

reciprocal duplicate ratio, naturally produce a problematical

dialogism, which in some measure proves that the essence of

spirituality may be referred to the second predicable’—‘Hold,

hold,’ cried the other, ‘I deny that: Do you think I can thus

tamely submit to such heterodox doctrines?’—‘What,’ replied the

‘Squire, as if in a passion, ‘not submit! Answer me one plain

question: Do you think Aristotle right when he says, that

relatives are related?’ ‘Undoubtedly,’ replied the other ANSWER .

REM:Are relatives really related?

*... Do you judge the analytical ___ of the first part of

my enthymem deficient secundum quoad, or quoad minus, and give

me your reasons... ANSWER

REM: Enthymem (Websters definition) = An argument consisting

of only two propositions, an antecedent and consequent deduced

from it; a syllogism with one premise omitted; as, We are

dependent; therefore we should be humble. Here the major

proposition is suppressed. The complete syllogism would be,

Dependent creatures should be humble; we are dependent

creatures; therefore we should be humble.
. Other things I

cannot decipher. We have to study a lot.

* It was just recovering from this dismal situation that

I found them; but perceiving every thing safe, I own their

present ___ did not much displease me, as it would give me many

opportunities of future triumph, and teach my daughters more

humility ANSWER

* Suppose the girls should come to make ___ of taste in

town! This I am assured of, that London is the only place in the

world for all manner of husbands

REM:May be New York in 21c.

* The next winter, which you will probably spend in town,

will give you opportunities of making a more prudent choice ANSWER

* We had still a regard for Mr Burchell, though his late

rude behaviour was in some measure displeasing; nor could we now

avoid ____ our happiness to him, and asking his advice: although

we seldom followed advice, we were all ready enough to ask


* It was thought ____ necessary that their appearance

should equal the greatness of their expectations, which could

not be done without expence


REM: Great appearances and great expectations, obviously

involve great outlay. Buddha identified 'desires' as the root

of misery. Thoreau experimented with his Walden, probably

because of the apprehensions of the perils involved in

expectations. See another reference: the film- "Little


* I readily complied with his request, and tho’ I see you

are displeased at my conduct, yet as it was a debt ____ due to

friendship, I could not refuse


* However, no lovers in romance ever cemented a more

______ friendship ANSWER

REM:Momentary friendships rarely cement.

*My arm was dressed, and I found almost ____ relief ANSWER

*’—‘I believe you might,’ cried my wife, still smiling at

us, though the laugh was against her; ‘and yet I have seen some

men pretend to ___ that have very little ANSWER .

*’‘Sir,’ replied I, ‘your present observation is just,

when there are shining virtues and minute defects; but when it

appears that great vices are opposed in the same mind to as ____

virtues, such a character deserves contempt ANSWER

REM: 21c trend: Adore minute virtues. Ignore great vices.

Examples: Stars, singers, baseballers, footballers,

*’—‘And how could you,’ said I, ‘so basely, so

ungratefully presume to write this letter?’—‘And how came you,’

replied he, with looks of ____ effrontery, ‘so basely to presume

to break open this letter?


* It required but very little ___ to revive his former passion. ANSWER


* Being driven to that state of mind in which we are more

ready to act ___ than to reason right, I never debated with

myself, whether these accounts might not have been given by

persons purposely placed in my way, to mislead me, but resolved

to pursue my daughter and her fancied deluder thither ANSWER

* This person was no other than the ___ bookseller in St

Paul’s church-yard, who has written so many little books for

children: he called himself their friend; but he was the friend

of all mankind ANSWER

REM:Such booksellers are becoming rare objects in 21c.

* Upon informing him of the truth, and that I did not

belong in any sort to the company, he was ____ enough to desire

me and the player to partake in a bowl of punch, over which he

discussed modern politics with great earnestness and

interest ANSWER .

* As the company with which I went was ___ the

chief of the place, we were received with the greatest respect,

and placed in the front seat of the theatre. ANSWER

* At intervals she would take a sly peep at the glass, as

if happy in the ____ of unresisting beauty, and often

would ask questions, without giving any manner of attention to

the answers ANSWER
REM:Good phrases: 1) sly peep; 2) unresisting beauty.

* I entreated them to be expeditious, and desired my son

to assist his elder sister, who, from a ____ that she was the

cause of all our calamities, was fallen, and had lost anguish in

insensibility ANSWER

* My remarks, however, are but few: I found that monarchy

was the best government for the poor to live in, and

commonwealths for the rich ANSWER

REM:Difficult to agree. Democracies are becoming

unendurable because Corporates are invading them.

* I could hear her ____ very distinctly: ‘Out I say, pack

out this moment, tramp thou infamous strumpet, or I’ll give thee

a mark thou won’t be the better for this three months ANSWER


* Though her father made several ____ on the impropriety

of going to a prison to visit us, yet they were ineffectual; she

desired the child to conduct her, which he did, and it was thus

she surprised us at a juncture so unexpected ANSWER .

* I armed her against the censures of the world, shewed

her that books were sweet ___ companions to the miserable, and

that if they could not bring us to enjoy life, they would at

least teach us to endure it ANSWER

REM:21st Century context: Books are losing their value as

true friends. The poorest too, are enamoured of TVs. People

are losing their ability to recognise alphabets, read and

comprehend. Everything should be fed to them through audio-


* My daughter Sophy and I can afford but little ____to

persons who have kept company only with people of

distinction ANSWER

* The proposal was received with the greatest good-

humour, as it promised to afford a new fund of ____ to persons

who had now no other resource for mirth, but what could be

derived from ridicule or debauchery ANSWER
HINT: The proposal is to go back to the prison and reclaim

the prisoners.

* They attended us to our inn, where a sumptuous _____

was provided, and coarser provisions distributed in great

quantities among the populace ANSWER .

* When we consider what numbers he has ruined, how many

parents now feel with anguish the infamy and the ___ which he

has brought into their families, it would not surprise me if

some one of them—Amazement! Do I see my lost daughter! Do I hold

her! It is, it is my life, my happiness ANSWER

*The next morning I communicated to my wife and children

the scheme I had planned of reforming the prisoners, which they

received with universal disapprobation, alleging the ____ and

impropriety of it. ANSWER

REM:21c outcome: Nobody can reform others. Everybody has

his own levels of awareness and pride about his awareness

levels. The pride resists reformatory efforts.

*Our regiment is _____ and is not to leave the

kingdom. ANSWER

* After my guests were recovered, from the ____ my

account had produced, I requested also that Mr Jenkinson, a

fellow prisoner, might be admitted, and the gaoler granted my

request with an air of unusual submission ANSWER .

* Miss Wilmot therefore perceiving that her fortune was

_____ lost, turning to my son, she asked if the loss of fortune

could lessen her value to himANSWER .

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From Nov. 14, 2009.

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