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Thursday, July 22, 2010


The phrase 'United States' has twelve letters.
We get eight letters after removing duplications.
The vower 'o' is not present. Other vowels a-e-i-u are under use;
d-n-s-t are the consonants used.
How many words, does English language have, using all these eight letters ?
I get 62 words.

adulterations , boulderisation , conceptualised , denunciations , devaluations , disadvantageous , disadvantageously , discouragements , distinguishable , disturbances , educationalist , educationalists , educationists , educations , fundamentalism , fundamentalist , fundamentalists , indisputable , indistinguishable , industrialise , industrialised , inexactitudes , insinuated , insubordinate , jurisprudential , miniaturised , misunderstanding , misunderstandings , misunderstands , mountainsides , neutralised , quantised , subordinated , subordinates , substantiated , superordinate , tranquillised , transfigured , unadvertised , unassociated , unauthorised , unbaptised , underestimate , underestimated , underestimates , underestimating , underestimation , understandability , understandingly , understandings , undertakings , undiscriminated , undissipated , unestablished , uninsulated , unpasteurised , unpractised , unrestrained , unsteadily , unsteadiness , unsubstantiated , untarnished

Fill in the blanks in the following sentences, selecting words from the above list:

A fanatic______what an ordinary person can comprehend .,2:
The______globally , do not support rote learning .,3:

An employee asked to evaluate himself may fall in a trap of an overestimation or an______.,4:

Our______are always liable to error.,5:
A______caused the separation of the couple .,6:
Can we______an archbishop during his lifetime ?,7:
Despite______, the malicious propaganda is continuing .,8:
Landlocked countries are______placed in the world, from the point of view of logistics .,9:

We are led to think of diseases as isolated______in a healthy body, not as the phases of certain periods of bodily development .,10:
Different types of______need different teaching skills .,11:
The College is______with British Universities .,12:
Species is a conception______to genus .,13:
Do______websites get low search engine ranks ?,14:
The applicants have neither submitted the required______nor paid the security deposit .,15:
The numerous______found in edible oils have failed to alert the inspecting staff .,16:

The President has______the media which is recalcitrant and can cause considerable damage .,17:
An______musical composition is difficult to perform ex tempore on stage .,18:
We rarely see______step-children in homes where both parents had broken marriages .,19:
We cannot prosecute anybody with______allegations and charges .,20:

Propaganda of religious______deepens the communal hatred.,21:

I wish to remain______, in spite of becoming old .,22:
Do______children go to hell ?,23:
The personal appearance of Jesus______before his crucifixion .,24:
An electric locomotive cannot pass through______networks and tracks .,25:
Thousands of years of exposure to the floods in the river , could not complete the______of the pebbles .,26:
Frequent______by several persons , did not deter him from pursuing his ambitions .,27:
Whom among the British______, will you rank as the greatest ? Bertrand Russel ?,28:
We get soap when oils are______with alkalies .,29:
Jurisprudence and philosophy suffer from lack of______.,30:

The haematological evidence does not show that warm blood is______to humans .,31:
Using electronic voting machines is an______project in U.S. , still at nascent stage .,32:
Does United States continue to be the______leader of the World's Nations ?,33:
Sheep rearing is common along______.,34:

Men can intoxicate themselves with ideas as effectually as with alcohol or bang, and produce by dint of intense thinking, mental conditions hardly______from monomania .,35:

The regularisation of______Colleges is a cumbersome yet unavoidable process .,36:
The President , has______apologised , to the Congress for misleading the members .,37:
To say that a President spends only a million dollars in his Campaign , is an______or an understatement.,38:
The______in his talk and expressions cost him his interview .,39:
The Fascists had______into individuals , sugar-coated hatred .,40:
The word '______' is apparently not found in dictionaries .,41:
Are sugar and urea______, simply because they appear white ?,42:

We cannot brand everybody whom we dislike , a______and drive him into terrorism .,43:
Which country does not want to______?,44:
The______milk sold by local dairy farms may contain pathogenic bacteria .,45:
An______steed stumbles in its way.,46:
Which Asian currency has undergone the largest number of______?,47:
An economic power______its competitors will lose its markets .,48:
We do not find______police and army officers in the Belgian Army .,49:

Disgrace and dismissal result when______criticise superiors.,50:

The scientist who has______the air-to-air missile is regreting it .,51:

Terrorism , according to some observers , has its origin in______.,52:
We cannot allow______to mar relationships .,53:
Computers are being______with nano technology .,54:
Deep______discussions rarely take place in lower courts .,55:

He______his own skills and abstains from making an attempt .,56:
Maintaining a President's image______, is a billion dollar affair .,57:
The stock markets are moving so______, that it is not wise to invest at this juncture .,58:
Acceptable approximations set the boundaries of______.,59:
The guards______the elephant before capturing it .,60:
The President______his decisions using lengthy arguments. ,61:

Bertrand Russel was a great______, apart from being a philosopher .,62:

Many______countries have prospered by scientific management and rationalisation .

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