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Thursday, March 24, 2011


Here is a list of ADVERBIAL PHRASES FROM THE PLAY 'SHE STOOPS TO CONQUER' , A WORK OF 'OLIVER GOLDSMITH' . Here is a small quiz based on these phrases.

1. Extremely elegant
2. abruptly informed
3. actually afraid
4. actually begins
5. actually thinks
6. agreeably
7. certainly
8. chiefly
9. chiefly consists
10. confoundedly ashamed
11. damnably imposed
12. infinitely better
13. necessarily delayed
14. properly taken
15. readily
16. scarcely speak
17. shortly convince
18. sprightly malicious
19. stoutly about
20. totally overset

Fill in the blanks with appropriate words from the choice box. Hover your mouse over the blank to see the suggested answer,,,,,,,

And, though it was ____d till late in the season, I have
every reason to be grateful.
HASTINGS. ____d degagee, upon my word, madam. Your
friseur is a Frenchman, I suppose.
HASTINGS. Perish the baubles! Your person is all I desire. In the
mean time, my friend Marlow must not be let into his mistake. I know
the strange reserve of his temper is such, that if ____d of
it, he would instantly quit the house before our plan was ripe for
MARLOW. (Aside.) He has got our names from the servants already. (To
him.) We approve your caution and hospitality, sir. (To HASTINGS.) I
have been thinking, George, of changing our travelling dresses in the
morning. I am grown ____amed of mine.
MARLOW. My meaning, madam, but ____expressed. And I
can't help observing----a----

MISS HARDCASTLE. (Aside.) Who could ever suppose this fellow
impudent upon some occasions?
MARLOW. Never saw a more ____us eye. Yes, yes, my dear,
I did call. Have you got any of your--a--what d'ye call it in the
MARLOW. So then, all's out, and I have been ____on. O,
confound my stupid head, I shall be laughed at over the whole town. I
shall be stuck up in caricatura in all the print-shops.
MARLOW. The Englishman's malady. But tell me, George, where could I
have learned that assurance you talk of? My life has been ____at college or an inn, in seclusion from that lovely part of the
creation that chiefly teach men confidence.
MISS HARDCASTLE. And her partiality is such, that she ____s
him so. A fortune like yours is no small temptation. Besides, as she
has the sole management of it, I'm not surprised to see her unwilling
to let it go out of the family.
MISS HARDCASTLE. But if I ____ of his modesty, that he
has only the faults that will pass off with time, and the virtues that
will improve with age, I hope you'll forgive him.
MISS HARDCASTLE. I protest, sir, I never was more ____ in all my life. Pray go on.
MISS NEVILLE. A fortune like mine, which ____s in jewels,
is no such mighty temptation. But at any rate, if my dear Hastings be
but constant, I make no doubt to be too hard for her at last. However,
I let her suppose that I am in love with her son.
MISS NEVILLE. But what will repair beauty at forty, will ____e it at twenty, madam.
MISS NEVILLE. You have nothing to fear from him, I assure you. You'd
adore him, if you knew how heartily he despises me. My aunt knows it
too, and has undertaken to court me for him, and ____to
think she has made a conquest.
MRS. HARDCASTLE. I'm ____of his lungs.
TONY. Mum, you fool you. Let THEM find that out. (To them.) You
have only to keep on straight forward, till you come to a large old
house by the road side. You'll see a pair of large horns over the
door. That's the sign. Drive up the yard, and call ____.
17. So that--I can ____-it affects me. Farewell.
18.ANd so you left it with the landlady, who, no doubt, very ____the charge.
19.FAith, I have often formed a resolution to break the ice, and rattle
away at any rate. But I don't know how, a single glance from a pair of
fine eyes has ____my resolution.
20.SO much for supper. And now to see that our beds are aired, and

Same phrases, when we use in our own sentences, will work out on the following lines. These are only examples worked out by me. You can work out your own examples using your own work-environment and creative-environment.
You will find from the list that 'denied stoutly' is a complementary adverb, in the sense that, it is not preceding the verb it is describing. Others are attributive adverbial phrases. The adverbs precede their objects .

Confoundedly ashamed, infinitely better, sprightly malicious : : What will you observe from these phrases. The adverbs confoundedly, infinitely, and sprightly describe 'adjectives' and not verbs.

You will also find that all these adverbs are 'manner adverbs', whether they describe verbs or the adjectives.

1. Her extremely elegant suit tempted me to buy a similar suit.
2. My boss abruptly informed me that I would be sacked.
3. A person who is actually afraid may pose as a bravado. The exposure of his truth will take place when an occasion arises to show his gallantry.
4. Life's conflict actually begins after coming out of the College. Life's conquest is imaginary,
5. My boss actually thinks that he is a genius. I shall not call him a tomfool. I shall not say that he is mediocre. Everything is relative. He is 80% on the scale of intellect, if I am just 50%.
6. The Secretary says that she has to keep her boss agreeably entertained all the time.
7. The CEO says that our sugar factory's financial condition will certainly improve when the markets take an upturn this busy cane-crushing season.
8. The President says that Government's income is chiefly spent on salaries of Government staff.
9. The Government's revenue chiefly consists of Customs and Excise duties.
10. A person not knowing English, may find himself confoundedly ashamed when he has to talk to his clientel in U.K. and U.S..A.
11. The Government damnably imposed income tax on the low paid scavengers and sweepers.
12. Is begging infinitely better than borrowing with no intent to repay, or with intent to repay but without any capacity to repay? Which is a greater curse?
13. The Government has necessarily delayed the recruitment of elementary school teachers. Its coffers are empty. Paying salaries to the existing teachers itself has become too unbearable
14. Do you think that the theater management has properly taken all the statutory precautions to prevent the devastating fire? The mishap would not have taken place, had they done their minimum duty.
15. The hero in the film readily undertook the chivalrous job of protecting the heroine from the hooligans. The heroine in her turn of gratitude loved him. Everything took place as per the directions of the film director.
16. Our M.P.s scarcely speak about the growing income and wealth disparities, and the rising prices. They invite us to enrich their kith and kin, by visiting the pubs owned by them.
17. I shall, shortly convince , all my creditors that I am going to liquidate all their dues. I am going to get a lottery.
18. This sprightly malicious dancer is going to extract large moolah from the gullible fans.
19. The accused denied stoutly about his presence at the scene of the crime and his selling the booty.
20. The purchasers of our Cement Plant have totally overset the work environment of the factory labor and the sales staff. We can show good results and we have been doing it consistently. But, the new Management wants great instant results.

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