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Friday, April 20, 2012

25 Multiple Choice Question Test based on Shakespeare's vocabulary - Much Ado about Nothing

A Multiple Choice Test based on Shakespeare's Vocabulary.

Important: Should our choice prevail or Shakespeare's choice prevail? It is his play. Hence try to identify his choice. Your choices may be better, sometimes. YOu can write that in the comments portion below, so that others can enjoy.

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1. "All hearts in love use their own ___." : a) hearts b) lips c) emotions d) tongues .

2. "And she lies buried with her ___" a) ancestors b) emotions c) hallucinations d) passions .

3. "And when I lived I was your other wife; And when you ___, you were my other husband.": a) lived b) loved c) liked d) laughed .

4. "Friendship is constant in all other things save in the office and affairs of ___.": a) administration b) business c) justice d) love .

5. "He is a very valiant ___.": a) glutton b) voracious eater c) gourmand d) trencher-man .

6. "He that hath a beard is more than a ___, and he that hath no beard is less than a man.": a) boy b) coward c) lady d) youth .

7. "I have deceived even your very eyes: what your ___ could not discover, these shallow fools have brought to light." a) intelligence b) sleuths c) hunts d) wisdoms .

8. "I have drunk ___while he uttered it." : a) love b) nectar c) poison d) venom .

9. "I love you with so much of my heart that none is left to ___.": a) revel b) be loved c) protest d) love others .

10. "In brief, since I do purpose to marry, I will think nothing to any purpose that the world can say against it." : a) long b) plan c) purpose d) propose .

11. "In time the savage bull doth bear the ___.": a) bloke b) choke c) stroke d) yoke .

12. "I say thou has ___ mine innocent child.": a) belied b) beatified c) befouled d) maculated .

13. "I see, lady, the gentleman is not in your ___.": a) books b) cooks c) hooks d) looks .

14. "Let every eye negotiate for itself And trust no agent." : a) agent b) broker c) go-between d) intermediary .

15. "Lord! I could not endure a husband with a ___ on his face: I hath rather lie in the woollen.": a) abscess b) beard c) swelling d) wart .

16. "Man is a ___ thing, and this is my conclusion." a) giddy b) lovely c) frail d) silly .

17. "One foot in sea and one on shore, To one thing constant ___.": a) ever b) never c) rarely d) seldom .

18. "One Hero died defiled, but I do live, And surely as I live, I am a ___." a) maid b) spinster c) vestal d) virgin

19. "O that he were here to write me down an ass! But masters, remember that I am an ___.": a) ass b) addict c) angel d) acer .

20. "Sigh no more, ladies, ___ no more, Men were deceivers ever": a) dance b) suspire c) sulk d) sigh .

21. "Some Cupid kills with arrows, some with ___.": a) hisses b) kisses c) traps d) words .

22. "Speak low if you speak ___.": a) honey b) money c) love d) passion .

23. "There was a ___ danced, and under that was I born." a) genius b) maestro c) angel d) star .

24. "Thou and I are too ___ to woo peaceably.": a) dour b) wierd c) wild d) wise .

25. "Thy ___ hath gone through and through her heart" : a) abuse b) love c) affection d) slander .

If you have no time move your mouse here to see the answers

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