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Thursday, July 29, 2010

#884 - 132 ORANGES

O-R-A-N-G-E-S , these seven letters can create 132 words. Here is the list:
Words available for selection

aborigines , aggregations , aggression , aggressions , anchorages , battlegrounds , categorisations , commiserating , congratulates , congressional , congressman , consternating , crossexamining , dangerously , dangerousness , democratising , demoralising , denigrations , depersonalising , derogations , desegregation , designator , designators , discouragements , disorganise , disorganised , eavesdropping , ethnographers , forecasting , foreshadowing , forgettable outings , forswearing , garrisoned , gastrointestinal , generalisations , generators , geostationary , grandiose , gravestone , gravestones , greatgrandmothers , greatgrandson , groaners , housebreaking , impersonating , integrations , integrators , interrogates , interrogations , interrogatives , investigator , investigators , investigatory , legionaries , loganberries , magnetosphere , mangroves , manoeuvrings , negotiators , orchestrating , organise , organised , organiser , organisers , organises , originates , orphanages , overestimating , overgeneralised , overgeneralising , oversampling , overstating , parsonage , personage , personages , personalising , pomegranates , pornographers , powersharing , prestidigitation , prognosticate , recognisably , recognisance , recognisances , reconfigurations , regionalisation , regionalism , registrations , regularisation , reinvestigation , remonstrating , reorganisations , reorganise , reorganised , reorganises , reorganising , reregistration , resignation , resignations , rollerskating , scaremongering , seronegative , shareholdings , somersaulting , sphygmomanometer , stenographers , stenographic , stenography , transgression , transgressions , transgressors , unorganised , unreasoning , unrecognisable , unrecognisably , wellorganised

Fill in the blanks, selecting the words from the above box:

The President______film stars , industrialists and sports persons for flimsical achievements and frivolous causes .
Does______set in with advent of old age .
Very few glands test______.
Some philosophical concepts undertake______between what is eternal and temporal .
The______of key cabinet members did not deter the Prime Minister from carrying out his agenda .
Both the President and the Secretary of State nurture______designs .

He resigned his job in haste ,______his own capacity .

Both the 1930 and 2008 economic slumps saw______at Wall Street .
The President is surrounded by______yesmen .
e's______live and move as if they had just come from the hand of God, with a life that, though manifold, is one, and, though complex, is harmonious.
The______of vulgar music carnivals in our city , disappeared .
Authors, if given______help , can perform better .
Mafias build and function with______when compared to social service organisations .
Ardent______may not free a person from his sins .
The threat of global warming is______.
Unlike UNO , regional organisations promote______.
Closely held______facilitate tight management practices and direct supervision by promoters .
Even an exaulted______can have an obnoxious past .

The______of unauthorised Colleges is a cumbersome yet unavoidable process .

Narco analysis was expected to aid police______eminently .
Only willing slaves swallow______.
The Government has not appointed sufficient number of______to draw the histories of all the tribes .
The______are doing brisk business on the Internet .
The______class of workers suffer the utmost , worldwide .
Many countries treat______as a crime .
Judges cannot undertake______tasks which need enormous field work .
Nobody can______when or whether the world will end ?

His discourse contained too many______and few answers .
What is the limit of Earth's______?
What are the boundaries of the earth's______?
The CMD has not yet perused the______product mix of the Company .
Punishment is increased from the frequency of a______.

He encourages a fault, who passes over a______.
Subsequent marriage takes away the preceding______.
Many know many things; nobody knows all thing
Many things pass with the generality which do not pass by themselve
Let the infliction of punishment increase as______multiplies.
Necessity excuses or extenuates a______in capital cases, which does not operate the same in civil cases.

Nobody is punched for another person's______.
The estimation of a past______never increases from an afterdeed .
An heir cannot be bound by the punishment and______of the deceased .

It is the prerogative of the king to pardon a______.

No______should pass with impunity .

Pardon cannot come before the______.
Water pollution can lead to a break out of______diseases .
Replicas have to______mark their duplicating nature .
A survey becomes cumbersome , when______is undertaken .

Courts may issue______on offenders, which require them to perform certain obligations.
Frequent______by several persons , did not deter him from pursuing his ambitions .
Forward and backward______could not help in the Company turnaround .
Illegal______do not confer title to buyers .
The restaurant does not switch on______automatically , when power supply fails .
I am trying to______my life , resetting goals and methods .

Her face was made______ugly by the acid attack .
She has both her______surviving .
The______of the Brooklyn Bridge are very famous .
The Government should employ sufficient number of______to enforce protocol .
An undertaker______funerals for fee .
A______plays a keyrole in implementing protocol .
Medieval writings indulged in frequent______.
Alerted by the new rot , the police have reopened the case and started______.
He frequently______ his schedules and working , using a Computer Package .
The term '______' refers to the original pre-colonial residents of Australia .
U.S. cannot undertake and monopolise______the World .

Left and right halves of human body are not asymmetrically______.
Program codes become systematically______with modularisation .
Market______has come a long way from the state of being a whimsical fortunetelling .

Her face has become______owing to tanning .
The______of Napoleon has become too old to talk or walk .
Coastal areas are endowed with______which protect them from erosion of land .
Has______become a dying art , with the advent of computers ?
Funds accumulate from______of saved resources of multitudes .
Are historians guilty of______?
The Company has undergone several______; they work no more .

One advantage of being______is that we can constantly make discoveries.
Mr. Kennedy was a respectable______.
Do the Communists want to______the established economic systems and structures ?
A country cannot import national______. It must generate them from within .
Diplomacy includes daily______.
Is______exclusively a human trait ? Definitely not .
Crowds need to learn______peacefully .
Is______an event at Olympics ?
The coalition partners in Britain are yet to agree upon the______formula .
Are______made of Italian marble , very expensive ?

The______agenda needs wide circulation .
ATMs throughout the world have succeeded in______banking services .
The______who participated in the Bolshavik Revolution , did need no invitation .
Stock market operations need careful______.
FBI Agents and______are chasing the CEO who has embezzled billions .
Do violent______need matching defences ?
Mourners do not groan and______cannot become mourners .
The twins --______and gossiping , go hand in hand .

A______is a record of obligations issued by courts, requiring the offenders to perform them.
The______of oppressed classes needs will more than resources .
He could not afford a______; he died incognito .
Is Kabul not adequately______?
Does Russia trade in apples and______?
The______traces pulse and compares with heart-beats .
Repeated______do not vitiate a blameless organisation .

He who______well, teaches well.
Telecommunications have become cheaper with the entry of______satellites .
We cannot blame a person only of______; every human has both reasoning and unreasoning faculties .
The number of______crimes is low in Iowa .
The______have been drawn between the two factions .
What______in U.S. echoes globally .

The king confers honours, virtue preserves them,______take them away .
All subjects are bound to defend the republic with their life and all their good
The laws approve all things agreeable to God, useful to men, honourable to the state, just and advantageous to private persons, and impose them upon every one according to his faculties
All______openly committed are les
Let all things be done honourably, and in order .

We depart from the enactments of the law, rather than that injuries and______should remain unpunished .
Is the abrupt removal of the military head in Afghanistan______the American forces ?

Is a______necessary , when a car owner changes his residence from one State to another State ?
Did the Norwegian______of peace, fail in Sri Lanka ?
Whose property are______lands ?
The numerous______which the network has undergone , resulted in an unmanageable system .
The firm does not employ______; it depends on cut-copy-pasting .
The______of the Russian Railways , has facilitated swift administration and reforms .
Her______had made her unresponsive .

Lenin felt that newspapers should be collective agitators,______and propagandists.
Media indulges in______, because they can sell their stuff .
Do health reforms envisage______of medical services ?
The art of spying includes adept______.
Are______fruits? I could not trace in dictionaries .
She wants to______a freedom-from-kitchen campaign .
Has the art of______been perfected in United States ?
The willful______of laws go unscathed throughout the world .
Playing with venomous snakes is concurrent with______.
Missionaries running______are indulging in indiscriminate proseylitization .

Government should be repressive no further than is necessary to secure liberty by protecting the equal rights of each from______on the part of others, and the moment governmental prohibitions extend beyond this line they are in danger of defeating the very ends they are intended to serve.
Intellectuals find today's business and political environment , extremely______.

Lawyers______the accused and witnesses , has some elements of drama .
The beams of the broken bridge are______hanging to the piers .
As, indeed, no man can say who it was that first invented the use of clothes and houses against the inclemency of the weather, so also can no______point out the origin of medicine, mysterious as the source of the Nile .
In pathology, as in physiology, the true worth of an______consists in pursuing not onlv what he seeks in an experiment, but also what he did not seek .
The______should have a robust faith and yet not believe .
The new CEO is engaged in______the Company .

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