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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

#885 - 75 TEXASES

T-E-X-A-S : The State Texas, has five letters. The letters t-e-x-a-s can , combination with other letters, can constitute nearly 75 words in English language.

Here is a small test based on these 75 words :

annexations , anxieties , approximates , asphyxiate , asphyxiated , bisexuality , crossexamination , exactness , exacts , exaggerations , exalts , exasperate , exasperated , exasperatedly , exasperating , exasperation , excavations , exclamations , exhaust , exhausted , exhaustible , exhausting , exhaustion , exhaustive , exhaustively , exhausts , existential , existentialism , existentialist , existentialistic , existentially , expansionist , expatriates , experimentalists , explanations , exploitations , explorations , exportables , expostulate , expostulated , expostulating , expostulation , expostulations , extensionally , exterminations , externalised , extractions , extracts , extraneous , extrapolations , extras , extrasolar , extraterrestrial , extraterrestrials , extravagances , extrinsically , heterosexuality , heterosexually , heterosexuals , homosexuality , inexhaustible , inexhaustibly , inextinguishable , juxtaposed , juxtaposes , relaxants , sextant , sextants , sexuality , taxes , taxidermists , taxies , taxonomies , taxpayers , vexatious

Fill in the blanks selecting words from the above box:

A______is a sixth part of something .
The discussions in the House of Commons______Gladstone. Really ?

Ancient Egyptians did not regard______as punishable or reprehensible.

Crete seems to have adopted______as a technique of preventing population growth.
The heterosexuality in individuals need not conflict with their______.
Have the Colonialist Nations shed their______agenda in the 21st Century ?

A person can be simultaneously oriented homosexually and______.
Soren Kierkegaard was an______philosopher.

Hemingway and Maughm excelled in the genre of______novels.
The______cannot impose their experiences on the homosexuals and dictate terms to them .

Violent excitement______the mind, and leaves it withered and sterile.

Every trial______some tempting form of error .

I feel that windowshopping______us physically and our time .
Herbal______tend to be bitter and pungent .
The______in individuals need not conflict with their homosexuality .
Her conversation is full of______and interjections .
When does a child become conscious of its______?
He commited suicide owing to______of his spirit to live .
Youth should not become slaves of______.
Courts discourage______litigation .

They only who live with a man can write his life with any genuine______and discrimination.
The rapist wanted to______the girl , but could not execute his plans .
Oil reserves are not______.
A grammarian______segments of sentences, traces and examines the inter-relationships among the segments .

The holy Christian faith highly______the good of communion.
A supreme love, a motive that gives a sublime rhythm to a woman's life, and______habit into partnership with the soul's highest needs, is not to be had where and how she wills: to know that high initiation, she must often tread where it is hard to tread, and feel the chill air, and watch through darkness.
The film is rather______and lengthy .

What should we call the______of the original inhabitants of Virginia by the British colonialisers ?
Nobody on this Earth can work______.
There is no disappointment in memory, and one's______are always on the good side.

From the same flower the bee______honey and the wasp gall.
A coin must be both______and intrinsically strong and worth its value .
An exactor______his demands authoritatively and often behaves like an extortioner .
I could never understand the______approaches of the painting and writing .
The world history is replete with colonial______.
Citizens______with their erring Governments .
French______are wary about their Government's actions .

Unluckily the credulity of dupes is as______as the invention of knaves.
Nothing is rich but the______wealth of Nature .

The world is so grand and so______that subjects for poems should never be wanted .
Unfounded______raise internal stress .
Singapore has apparently, excessively______its trade .
The House of Commons has no time to discuss______issues .
Industrial countries are fast______the natural resources on this Earth .
We must live with harsh______realities .
Incentives and tips are a part of______earned by Hotel servers .
Her perseverance knows no______.
Oil______are not only expensive but also enormously risky in financial terms .
Which city is the______the largest in the world ?
Who was the most______enlightened painter of the 20th Century ?
Erstwhile Soviet Union rarely tolerated those who had______with it .
Conservatives rearely tolerate______.
The President explained how he was circumstantiated to raise______unwillingly.
Folly______us four times as much as Parliament .
I am proud to be paying______in the United States.

People who complain about______can be divided into two classes: men and women.
Like mothers,______are often misunderstood, but seldom

A person expecting goodies from State, cannot complain when State______him heavily.

Politicians can enrich themselves, while extending goodies.

The possession of weapons makes difficult the collection of______and dues.

Streets were safe, when______imposed by all levels of government took less than 10% of income.

62: The difference between death and______is, death doesn't get worse every time Congress meets.

63: ______are the known instruments for bringing the many under the domination of the few.

64: Ruthless______violate the fundamental principles of free governments.

Collecting more______than is absolutely necessary is legalized robbery.

The average American family head will be forced to do twenty years' labor to pay______in lifetime.

State forces you to pay 200%______for things you desparately need.

The County administration______its citizens exorbitantly.
Governments cannot levy extortionately high______.

Governments crave for selfsupporting enterprises which pay hefty______.
Fossil fuels are______.

The______specialise and excel in stuffing animal skins so as to make them look like natural animals .
Do______lead to bankruptcy and produce spendthrifts ?
He______te divine and the familiar.
The______concentrate on classification of animals and plants and not in unification of classes .
Which world city tops in the number of______?
Despotic rulers never allow______demonstrations by their subjects.
The______are instruments used to measure angular distances between objects .
Are Russian scientists the leaders in the research of______communications .
The trait of______exists in every human , but we do not conscious of it .

Though the knowledge they have left us be worth our study, yet they______not all its treasures.

She has______all the singable songs in her memory.
The culprits______the frail couple , using their pillows .
Does a person who______himself from his own country have a right to contest elections in his Mother Land ?
The Department of Archaeology has not stopped______.
Dr. Johnson compiled his Dictionary quite______.

Kings or the so-called democratic rulers , do not tolerate
even mild______against their unruly actions .
Evolutionary______for human behaviour, are valuable.
The______asteroids do not have any impact on Earth's gravity .
African countries produce few______, other than ores .

Religious and sacred books have a number of______.
Every Nation should realise that______do not make a land a Nation .
The audience appeared______tense , after hearing the Campaign speeches .
Inanities of the world do not______humans.

WE can renew hope tomorrow, if we______it today.
Governmental instructions tend to be______and incomprehensible .

The______propounds that man is free and is responsible for all his actions in this meaningless world.

There should be no dressing for wounds except alcohol, for in wounds, the dry state______to the healthy and the moist to the unhealthy .
The______by defence counsel is yet to commence .
I am worried about earthly things. Where is the time for______?
The process of______has to take place peacefully .

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