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Thursday, August 5, 2010

#886 - 73 MONTREALS

Montreal is an important city in Canada.
The word Montreal has eight letters M-O-N-T-R-E-A-L.

How many words we can make , compulsorily using these eight letters and with the help of the remaining 18 letters ?

agglomerating , agglomeration , agglomerations , ameliorating , amelioration , commensurately , compartmentalised , compartmentalising , complementarity , complementary , complimentary , conglomerate , conglomerated , conglomerates , conglomeration , contemporaneously , decriminalisation , demonstrably , electrodynamics , electroencephalogram , electromagnetic , electromagnetically , electromagnetism , electromechanical , electromechanics , endometrial , environmentalism , environmentalist , environmentalists , environmentally , galvanometric , governmental , informatively , insurmountable , internationalism , magnetohydrodynamical , metalworking , momentarily , monetary policy , motherinlaw , motherland , mothersinlaw , nomenclatures , orientalism , oversimplification , oversimplifications , perambulations , polymerisation , predominantly , reclamations , recompilations , reformulation , reformulations , somersaulting , surmountable , terminological , thermodynamical , thermodynamically , threedimensional , trampolines , trigonometrical , uncomfortableness , uncomplimentary , undemocratically , uninformatively , watermelons


A Noble State has to take up the task of______the hardships of poor .
I often experience______, whenever I have to enter an air-conditioned room .

A few______are not sufficient to understand the true spirit of London .

Many______of the Bibles have many interpolations .

China was the______of acupuncture .
They refuse to siphon funds of their own______.

Learning of a subject can become strong with______foundations .
Does Rap music have______curative medical properties ?
The______measurements help us to determine and measure the presence of electric currents in conductors .
Is the diagnosis of brain tumors easier with______?

Every bleeding is not a case of______cancer .

Is there an easy process of______granular substances and powders ?

Research associates are to be______compensated for their labors .
The town has a number of______industries .
Active______is a phenomenon of the 20th Century .

In reality, however, a non-political______institution is as likely as a barking cat.
Citizens should shun______intervention.

The liberty the citizen enjoys is to be measured not by______machinery he lives under.

The______studies mechanical devices and processes which are electromagnetically controlled .
The______appliances are gradually replacing the hand operated tools .
Is the______of New York ever possible ?
We can calculate the height of mounts and high-rise towers using______calculations .
Can______beams of light generate heat ?
Some poverty alleviation programs provide only______and not emancipation .
The______remembers not that she was a daughterinlaw .

Do consultants strive to "fine-tune" the economy through______?
Is there a______of relationship between bricks and cement ?
Cloning is not a subject which is amenable to______.
Have you ever seen an______supporting hotels on river beds ?

She______loses her consciousness and regains it without any medical treatment .
People with______thinking cannot live in pluralist countries .
The______indulged in by some Mathematics teachers only confuse the students .
The______in art , is a recent phenomenon .
The Senator refused to withdraw the______remarks made by him against the President .
The M.S. Course has been______designed .
We cannot use______designed leaflets for promoting innovative products .
Additions of urban______aggravate the congestion and pollution .
Is shrimp-culture______disastrous ?
Some observers say that sonsinlaw in Europe dread their______.
The______studies motions which electromagnetic fields induce .
Does______of drugs help in improving their effectiveness ?
Diplomacy includes daily______.

The urban______of the Detroit City is in a stagnating stage .
Some educationists do not appreciate the______policies of the Government .
Do______favor beach-side desalienation plants ?
A person with determination can overcome______problems with ease and insurmountable problems with perseverance .
The door-bell functions on the principles of______.
Chemistry has undergone several______.
Several______of swamps near the shore have not succeeded .
River beds are suitable for cultivation of______.
Does the power plant employ______methods and processes ?
Is an exhibition of paintings______created by different artists ever possible ?
The renewed interest of the Westerners in mysticism and______is making them to visit China and India often.
We can produce new chemicals through______.
Coffee powder and sugar are______.
The rock formations of______of limestone .
The world's only______operated garden employing deep sea water to cool plant roots is in Hawaii .
The organisers have issued too many______passes and the theater has no room for paying spectators .

Several small towns______into the present City .
Are calling bells made______sensitive ?

The electromechanics studies mechanical devices and processes which are______controlled .
Many African countries are______exporters of mined ores .
We can create______images using the software .
Do______processes help us to make more efficient heat engines ?
People cannot tolerate______functioning rulers for long .
Does New York City include the______of Brooklyn ?

Despair tells us that difficulties are______.

Nothing is______, if there is a will .
A person with determination can overcome surmountable problems with ease and______problems with perseverance .
Those who perform somersaults on______should be alert and cautious .
How to measure the intensity of______waves ?
The electrodynamics studies motions which______fields induce .

Formulations and______of story-lines run routinely in Hollywood .

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